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Precautions When Working With Rock Mucking Loading Machine

1, Rock Mucking Loading Machine in four or more soil operations, should be selected to turn loose, and remove obstacles.

2, Before operation, should check the wire rope, tire pressure, shovel bucket and unloading plate retraction spring, mop universal joints, bracing frame and various pulleys, etc., the hydraulic scraper should also check the hydraulic pipe joints, control valves, etc., to confirm the normal before starting.

3, When working, it is strictly prohibited for anyone to go up and down the machine, pass the objects, and sit or stand in the bucket, mop or frame.

4, When two Rock Mucking Loading Machines are working at the same time, the distance between the front and rear of the towed Rock Mucking Loading Machine shall not be less than 10m, and the distance between the self-propelled Rock Mucking Loading Machine shall not be less than 20m; the interval between the two Machines when working in parallel shall be less than 2m. The distance between two machines in parallel operation shall be less than 2m.

5, Rock Mucking Loading Machine up and down the ramp, should be traveling at a low speed, not on the way to change gears, downhill is strictly prohibited out of gear skidding, traveling lateral slope shall not exceed 6m, the slope width should be greater than the body of the machine more than 2m. When working on the newly filled earth lift, it shall not be less than 1m away from the edge of the slope.

6, When it is necessary to work horizontally on the slope, it must be dug and filled first, so that the machine body can keep stable, and it shall not be backward during the operation.

7, When traveling and turning on the uneven ground, it is forbidden to lift the bucket to the highest position.

8, Driving should let the branch line, empty load let heavy load, downhill let uphill.

9, in the ramp shall not carry out warranty work, in the steep slope is strictly prohibited turning, reversing, in the slope should be off the bucket to the ground, the brake transport firm, and then start.

10, shoveling, should be traveling in a straight line, shoveling should help shovel device, correctly grasp the size of the bucket door after opening, shall not cut soil too deep, the two machines should cooperate with each other, try to make smooth contact, equal speed shovel.

11, night work, before and after the lighting should be complete and intact. Self-propelled Rock Mucking Loading Machine's headlights should shine out more than 30m, such as the other side of the car, should be 100 meters away from the big lights to small lights, and low-speed driving by the side.

12, When towing a stuck car, there should be a person to direct, before and after the operator should be coordinated to confirm the safety before starting.

13, self-propelled Rock Mucking Loading Machine differential lock, can only be used for a short period of time in a straight line driving on the muddy road, is strictly prohibited in the differential lock when turning.

14, non-operational driving, the bucket must use the locking chain to hang firmly in the transportation driving position, any part of the machine shall not carry people or load flammable and explosive substances.

15, When repairing the bucket door or overhauling the operation under the bucket, the bucket must be lifted up and fixed with the pin or locking chain, and then top the bucket with the cushion wood, and brake the tires.

16, After the operation, Rock Mucking Loading Machine should be parked on the level ground and the bucket should be dropped on the ground, and the hydraulic cylinder should be retracted if it is hydraulically operated, and the lever should be put in the middle position, cleaned and lubricated, and then the doors and windows should be locked.

Precautions When Working With Rock Mucking Loading Machine

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